How & Where We Work?

P1010601Sustainability North seeks to make a difference through sustainability. Even small results from sustainability initiatives can bring about important and positive change in an organization or project. Insight into the threads that weave through sustainability, regulatory affairs and environmental planning differentiates our business.

Recognizing the increasing challenges presented by environmental and social issues, Sustainability North was established on a sound technical background, personal attention to client service, and interest in building meaningful relationships to make sustainability work for business. Understanding of client needs and close contact underlies our business model. Partnerships, team building, and value-added sustainability solutions underlie our approach.

In addition to strategic cooperation with other firms, Sustainability North operates through teaming arrangements with a small group of independent associate consultants. This approach retains the flexibility to assemble unique teams to work together as project opportunities and client needs arise. Individual consultants are senior professionals offering complementary skill sets and disciplines, with well-established and recognized practices. Disciplinary expertise spans environmental planning and engineering, forestry, wildlife management and ecology, sustainability, and accounting.

Today, strategic alliances are key to the delivery of professional services. Sustainability North maintains a broad network of connections and relationships with other service providers and institutions that offer the resources and specialized expertise necessary to address the broad spectrum of sustainability. Leveraging these contacts enables us to provide a range of tailored solutions and help organizations accomplish more to advance sustainability.