Environmental Planning

Sustainability North provides environmental planning services in site planning, environmental assessments and supporting documentation. They range from initial baseline studies and policy analyses, to environmental screenings, ecosystem evaluation, construction monitoring, environmental inspections and reclamation planning. Our suite of environmental planning services include:

  • Environmental Baselines and Policy Development
  • Land Use Planning and Cumulative Effects Assessment
  • Ecosystem Services Evaluation and Planning
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Offsets Management
  • Reclamation Planning

Environmental planning is undertaken to assess, maintain, restore or enhance natural and built environments. It involves the direction and synthesis of inputs from different disciplines, and often serves as a ‘front-end’ function of natural resource, community and infrastructure development. Sustainability North understands the systems perspective of environmental planning, and the complex processes at play between air, water, soils, vegetation, habitat and population variables.

Sustainability North also helps clients to develop site reclamation plans, presenting key strategic opportunities for industry. We offer integrated service bundles to ensure corporate goals and regulatory compliance are met for abandoned project sites and facilities. With expanding needs to develop new methods and best practices in ecosystem and reclamation planning, our work integrates biodiversity conservation to support sustainable development programs.

When doing the right things for the environment is also good for business and our communities, the only question should be – how soon can we start? Contact us to learn more.