Corporate & Community Sustainability

Helping enterprises and communities become more sustainable

A recent survey of more than 1,000 CEOs from 30 countries indicated that more than 90% believed that sustainability will be important to the future success of their business.*

Building frameworks and programs for organization sustainability in small to medium sized enterprises and communities is one of our specialties. We work with clients to integrate sustainability initiatives across business units and to report on sustainability progress. Energy and water conservation are common issues. Identifying opportunities and planning related to risk management, operational improvement, technology and innovation to enhance corporate sustainability benefits and credentials are key deliverables.

Sustainability North helps manage emerging trends with the ever-increasing environmental requirements and expectations of business investors, regulators, community and Aboriginal stakeholders. Effective stakeholder consultation is an important part of our practice. It fosters an understanding between client and stakeholder groups that enables projects to move forward. Business opportunities in sustainability, and particularly green technologies are on the rise. The solar power industry for example is growing at a 50% globally. Sustainability North also offers assistance in the planning of these developments. Services in Corporate and Community Sustainability include:

  • Organization and Operations Assessment, Enterprise Sustainability Planning and Frameworks
  • Energy Baselines, Carbon Management and Renewable Energy Investments
  • Industrial and Municipal Waste Management
  • Corporate Reporting and Verification
  • Stakeholder Consultation and Community Sustainability Planning

* UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study on Sustainability 2013.