Foundation of Experience

Applying sustainability today, for tomorrow.

The genesis of Sustainability North is built on many years of consulting experience with infrastructure, institutional facility and resource development projects, as well as stakeholder engagement, training and capacity building. The firm was founded by Ronald Morrison, a registered professional planner, specializing in environmental and sustainability planning. Mr. Morrison offers knowledge and insight from more than three decades of experience managing environmental projects and leading highly skilled technical teams that have designed and implemented innovative solutions. He practises from a body of professional knowledge encompassing the biophysical sciences, environmental planning and sustainability.

Highlights of Qualifications

  • Masters in Environmental Studies – Planning
  • Bachelor of Science – Geography
  • Diploma in Forest Technology

Professional Registrations

  • Canadian Institute of Planners and Alberta Professional Planners Institute
  • International Association for Impact Assessment
  • International Society of Sustainability Professionals

Professional Practice

  • Knowledge of sustainability practices and reporting, related to asset development and life cycle processes
  • Understanding of risk management and sustainability principles that improve performance
  • Creates competitive advantage through modern planning perspectives integrated with science and business acumen

Mr. Morrison’s assignments extend from the Canadian High Arctic to the Caribbean. His recent appointment to the National Initiatives Advisory Committee of the Canadian Institute of Planners demonstrates his professional standing in planning. He closely follows industry trends and initiatives linked to sustainability, such as biodiversity and ecosystem approaches.

The scope of his experience extends from managing small project teams to leading large, corporate environmental divisions. His approach has always taken an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing together expertise and different skill sets both from within and external to the organizations in which he has worked. This model continues to serve his practice well, tapping into the resource pools of the professional networks that he maintains, and adding value to different client needs as they arise.