Sustainability that works for business, is our business!


Sustainability North supports organizations to manage business risk and access opportunities. Differences among social, economic and environmental values are an underlying tenant of sustainability and can be daunting. Global climate change and diminishing natural resource capacity compound the challenge and complexities of sustainability. That’s where we can help.

Where there is an interest to retain a competitive edge in business, Sustainability North provides knowledge and perspective on organization, planning and best practices. Our goals are to minimize your costs and enterprise risks, while optimizing performance, operational efficiencies and relationships with shareholders, customers and communities. Sustainability principles are being widely applied in sectors such as energy, mining, transportation, agriculture, wine, craft beer, tourism and educational institutions. We offer perspective and help clients address social, economic and environmental interests in these industries. How does your business compare to others with respect to these interests, and what does this mean to your competitive advantage? Need help to facilitate the regulatory process, review compliance, and prepare plans to address social and environmental concerns?

Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion on how we can help achieve your goals. With previous operations based in Calgary, Alberta, the practice recently relocated to Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, extending its business experience across the country, and from the Canadian Arctic to Mexico, the Caribbean, Chile and Europe.